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I have three brothers. They have always protected me. Along with the other men in my family (my mother too) they have been my fierce guardians, understanding the dangers in the world they needed to protect me from before I even knew what they were. Their loyal guardianship of me remains unwavering to the point […]


Carrie is Stephen King’s first published novel that would later become a film directed by Brian De Palma (1976). This might be one of the most ingenious pieces of work by the master storyteller because it cuts into our deepest horrors with surgical precision. Analyzing the themes of the novel, it’s obvious why this might […]


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have feelings. Most of the time I enjoy my world of feelings, but there are certainly times when this world seems to betray me. There are times when the expression of certain feelings can betray my thoughts and intentions, and this is the challenge that we are all faced with […]