The Truth About Weight Loss

The truth about weight loss is that it is all about nutrition. Exercise is valuable for your health overall, and this is not in dispute. However, if weight loss is someone’s goal, then nutrition must be the focus. The hard truth is that this means a certain amount of deprivation. I will delve into the specifics of that in a later post, but right now it’s important for me to provide some information that most people seldom come by that is crucial to understanding why it is so difficult to lose weight even under the most disciplined of regimens.

Leptin is a hormone that was discovered to be critical for our body’s metabolisms in 1994. The discovery of this metabolism regulator was met with excitement because it was believed that there would now be a simple pharmaceutical cure for obesity. It was thought that it could be compared to insulin in that injection of this new hormone could regulate weight like insulin regulates blood sugar. This simply did not turn out to be the case in that injecting someone with leptin only helps if the person is already suffering from a leptin deficiency; which the vast majority of people are not. Therefore the new excitement over the discovery of leptin was short lived due to the inability for pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on it.

What has since been discovered about leptin is that we all have ample leptin in our bodies to help regulate our metabolisms. Leptin is responsible for telling us when we are hungry, when we are full, and how many calories to burn to maintain our weight. Leptin and its ability to signal these basic functions for our bodies is being blocked by SUGAR. Sugar in the form of carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, and even the organic cane sugars that are being promoted as healthier options are all ruining our metabolisms. Sugars are blocking our body’s ability to regulate itself. If I never make another post about health and nutrition, I will be fine having communicated this valuable bit of knowledge that I can personally attest to being the truth. If you cut sugar and carbs, you will cut your weight and your metabolism will work more efficiently.

…It will suck, but it will work.

More on this in a later post.


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