Justice League Movie Review

Seeing Justice League is like being out with a very attractive person that has nothing interesting to say. The photography for the film while not being as impressive as it was for Batman vs Superman, was beautiful. The actors are all pleasing to the eye, and the action sequences are deftly choreographed to highlight the superior visual effects that were displayed throughout the film. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that if you were looking for something deep, interesting, or unique, you’re watching the wrong movie.

There were some lines in the film that had me laughing out loud. Not many, but a few. When The Flash asks Bruce Wayne if he is coming to visit him because he stole his pocket watch or his railroad, this was pretty funny. Unfortunately, directly following that is the line in which The Flash asks Bruce Wayne what his superpower was, and Bruce Wayne says, “I’m rich”. The line itself could have been funny, but it was ruined by the fact that it was heavily featured in the trailers for the film. The delivery of the line was also just flat, and this is because flat characterizes Ben Affleck’s entire performance throughout the film.

If Justice League is the attractive date with nothing interesting to say, then Ben Affleck is the bored friend that date brought along who subsequently keeps asking when it will be time to leave. I don’t think anyone had high expectations for the acting in this film, but my goodness, Ben Affleck could have at least pretended to give a shit.

All in all, sometimes being out with an attractive person with nothing interesting to say is just what the doctor ordered. Justice League was a lot more fun than Batman vs Superman because it didn’t try to so hard to be dark and depressing. Yes, it was kind of like the filmmakers tried to fit the round peg of the Tim Burton Batman films into the square whole of the Marvel Avenger’s franchise, but it was entertaining enough. Aquaman was clearly a proxy for Thor, and the Flash for Spiderman, but I have a bit of girl crush on Gal Gadot, so who cares.

As long as you don’t think too hard and if you are able to block out Ben Affleck’s presence, you will probably enjoy sitting down for a couple of hours with this pretty girl. You won’t want to wife her, but the date will be pleasurable enough.


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