The Ego Monster

The ego is a hungry beast that devours all good things.

The moment you feel satisfied, it emerges from the wings.

“You can’t ever be good enough” is the story it will tell

Reflected in the wayward glances of those who know you well.

Everyone is against you, of course that must be true.

There’s no other explanation for failing all you do.

Of course you are a failure, who isn’t better than you?

Don’t ever think that others care about the pain you have been through.

Can’t you see you’re all alone in this shit show we call life?

No matter how much they say they love you, they will always bring you strife.

So keep on pushing, going, taking, fill me up. I’m all you’ve got.

I’m always here. You’ll always need me. We are together in this plot.

What plot you say? Well…winning of course. Isn’t that the universal goal?

All we need to do is win it all and then we’ll be made whole.


-Crystal McCrory



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