Love Pt 4: The wound that won’t heal

Not all wounds heal. Some wounds seem to never close, callous, or cease to bleed. These wounds force us to transcend, or they send us into the abyss. If you carry such a wound, you know this to be true— there simply is no middle ground.

The difference between those that transcend such pain and those that fall into the abyss is acceptance. Not accepting the fact that the wound exists, that it may be unjust, and that it will not heal is why people drink too much, take too many drugs, and never move on. Accepting the fact brings peace, empathy for the pain of others, and strength beyond measure, however the cost is that you will never again see the world as you did before.

You can’t go back to believing in fair tales after such acceptance. Some people never experience such a wounding in their lives, and such blessed souls may go to their grave still believing in fairy tales. This is truly wonderful. But the reason such people are granted such an experience is because those that transcended their wounding shielded them with the depths of the compassion they derived from their hard-earned transcendence from the darkness that life can bring.

These are the heroes in our lives—the people that have seen the darkness but keep us pointed toward the light. These are our teachers, wives, husbands, police officers, soldiers, mothers, fathers, lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, mentors, and strangers. This too— is love.


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