The Haunting of the White House

Ghosts of the past have taken up residence in our nation’s capital. Dead concepts and those who carry them walk through the sacred halls of the White House oblivious to the living people that live outside of it. Like all ghosts, they can’t hear our cries for compromise or relief. They are deaf because they exist in a plain of existence that is long past—but they do not know it.

It is not a ghost’s responsibility to listen to the living however. If ghosts appear in our lives, it is our responsibility to resolve our unfinished business with them and send them on their way.

The ghosts that haunt the White House are using the ancient tactics of divide and conquer which only serve to weaken our collective resolve for working toward a better future for all. This is a golden opportunity for those of us watching this spectacle from the outside. We have an opportunity to see that these ghosts really have nothing to offer and take the necessary steps to banish them forever.

Furthermore, we can decide to exorcise the concepts of coercion and divisiveness as acceptable forms of governance. What we need is cooperation and progress, therefore it is our duty to demand it. If we don’t, we will remain haunted as new ghosts will appear and terrorize us in the same way.

Whether one believes in ghosts or not, there is certainly a mythology and psychology about them that is useful in whatever form they take. If we are being haunted, whatever is haunting us is always reflecting what we are frightened to face in ourselves. From a psychological perspective, ghosts invariably represent unfinished business that is coming into consciousness before we have had time to fully understand it and decide the correct course of action. This is why we tend to be frightened and run away from them. Denial never solves the problem. It also doesn’t solve the problem to be angry at the ghost and call it names. What is necessary is a full-on confrontation with the disassociated parts of ourselves so that we can once again be whole.

Our country is divided because our minds are divided. We are still holding onto fears that another person’s gain is our loss. We have not embraced the idea that all can win. We may believe conceptually that there is room enough for everyone’s needs and opinions, but we struggle with this in reality. We are being confronted with this fear in a fashion that is not irrevocable —there is still time to do things differently.

We are looking into the face of a ghost that is also serving as a very important mirror into our collective psyche. We all have fears of deprivation, change, and loss. We all have fears that one day there simply won’t be enough for us or that we will lose all that we have worked to build. We can behave irrationally when confronted with these fears. One coping mechanism that is used frequently in such instances is shutting down.

The solution to this is to open up. We have to share with each other. Sharing is how we will find our way through this difficult time, because the shutdown is quite literally becoming the cause of the very deprivation it is supposedly designed to protect against.

It is time to look these ghosts in the eye and tell them we no longer need them. Tell them we have learned the lessons they have come to teach us and bury the long dead concepts that have served to terrorize us. We need to move on from fear and face the truth that we are the cause of our own discontent. We must do this by taking ownership of our ability to liberate ourselves and claim what is, and always has been rightfully ours.





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