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Withholding forgiveness is like refusing to take out the garbage. Its that thing that happens when someone simply gets fed up and refuses to be trampled on. An individual may protest, refusing to take out the garbage until the other person acknowledges that they can’t stand the stench and takes responsibility for their share of […]


Looking into a microscope is fascinating. Having the ability to examine the minutiae of things reveals an amazing world of intricacy that can make even the most mundane things seem to exist in a world of their own. We literally have the ability to see the universe in a grain of sand. While this is […]


Guilt is a tool for control. The subversive messaging that most of us are inundated with is one that demands an adherence to socially sanctioned standards of conduct. Most of us become aware of deviations from these standards by others through gossip. This is the entire purpose of gossip. It is to identify who is […]